acronis files cloud


Secure file sync and share for access anytime, anywhere

As an easy-to-use file sync and share solution, Files Cloud gives you access to files wherever you are and whenever you need it. Developed by the award-winning security backup vendor Acronis, it’s designed for small to medium-sized businesses and is widely described as the best alternative to Dropbox Business.

The beauty of Files Cloud is being able to use it on any device. So, whether that’s on your Desktop PC, smartphone or tablet, the client can be downloaded to any Android, iOS or Windows operating system. There’s also a smart way to access shared files on your phone as it fully supports popular Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, meaning you can easily edit, collaborate on and suggest comments on business documents without leaving the mobile app.

Enterprise-grade encryption

Controlling where your company documents are, who they’ve been shared with and how long they’ve been in the public cloud can be a nightmare for your data handlers or compliance officers. Piecing together a viable audit trail of the document’s shared version history can be time consuming and often takes days or weeks to complete. But with Files Cloud, you’ll get a full view of your transaction history via its enterprise-grade audit trail. Easily discover where the document is, who it’s been shared with and how long they’ve had access to it through the Acronis client.

Sharing files through the Acronis client is so easy too. If your employees want to send a document to an external party, they can quickly create a public link to the file or folder. From the client, simply choose your recipient, enable view or editing permissions and set an expiration date for the file. Once the recipient receives an email with their invitation to view the file, they are directed to the Acronis client and can view or download it.

The benefits of using Files Cloud

Super secure sync & share

Store data in the UK Acronis Cloud and benefit from secure FIPS 140-2 encryption, over-the-air and on-device.

Boost productivity & collaboration

Enhance collaboration between teams with easy file sharing and editing of live documents.

Work from any device

Access files from the office or on the go, download and edit files from directly within popular mobile applications.

Share without worry

Select who the file is shared with and how long they have access to it, with full version history and audit trail available.

No need for training

Files Cloud’s easy-to-use interface requires no additional training – all you need is access to the file sharing portal.

Restore previous versions of files

Easily restore accidentally deleted files and previous versions of files, should you need to access the original document prior to changes.

What’s the difference between Files Cloud and Dropbox Business?

At surface level, both Dropbox Business and Files Cloud are almost identical. But there are three main differences; cost, security and storage. Not only is Files Cloud far more cost-effective, it’s also much more secure in the Public Cloud and gives you either 10GB or unlimited storage per user. With new privacy laws, locking down the where, when and why of file sharing is easy with Files Cloud.

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