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The ultimate security suite for mobile management

Designed as the ultimate security package for businesses, EM+S includes Intune, Azure Active Directory and Azure Rights Management. It’s the 3-in-1 security solution that helps protect company data, employee identities and company-owned devices without compromising on productivity.

Stay secure when working mobile

Enterprise-grade security features such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) can be configured by your IT team to ensure every device enrolled into the management portal meet company security standards. It means that no data can be used or shared by employees without authoritative access, keeping company data secure from all access points.

The benefits of using Enterprise Mobility + Security

Reduce business risk

Potential costly damages from unauthorised access can be reduced, leaving your business data secure.

Smooth integration with Office 365

EM+S is designed to integrate with Office 365 so accessing applications is easy and quick.

Supports GDPR compliance

EM+S supports your journey to GDPR compliance and helps you gain better control of company data.

Save on hardware costs

You can eliminate the cost of hardware by managing your devices and apps from within the cloud.

Protect your data

Like Office 365, your users can easily work securely with access to data from anywhere and in any location.

Benefit from one simple login

Allow trusted employees to use Single Sign On (SSO) across all their devices to maximise their productivity levels.

Choose from two solutions...

Enterprise Mobility + Security comes in two packages; E3 and E5. If your business needs access to ultra secure corporate-level features such as risk-based conditional access and privileged identity management to evaluate users based on their overall risk before they reach your company data door, then E5 is the best solution. On the other hand, E3 will be suited to businesses that need a well-rounded security solution to stop unauthorised users from entering, whilst protecting from active threats.

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